Kafésynk presents music from Latin America.

Kafésynk organizes concerts and produce music workshops for children, youth and adults. The events take place in different venues and cultural centers in Oslo and we plan now touring in Norway.

Kafésynk host professional artists from home and abroad. Write to us for more information.

Kafésynk is led by Karoline Leon Nordby.

Kafésynk is presenting El Cachivache Orkesta in Norway

Tango – Punk with El Cachivache Orkesta: Authentic, raw and innovative

This is a unique concert experience and cultural musical experience with its striking originality from punk, rock and tango.

El Cachivache Orkesta consists of four people on bandoneon, guitar, double bass and piano. This provides a authentic, raw and innovative expression of high-quality music that appeals to many music lovers and arouses the curiosity of both concertgoers and musicians. Not to mention how the band has conquered the world of the tango dancer.

Since 2009, they have been invited to play all over the world with a total of over a thousand concerts. To date, they have toured twenty-three times through Europe and a total of fifty-two countries in the world including Asia, the Eastern Bloc countries, the USA and Latin America. They were also nominated for Womex 2019.

Up until now, they have produced 12 albums, with fascinatingly good and innovative productions. El Cachivache can be found on Spotify with well over a hundred thousand plays with 12,800 monthly listeners. They have 30 thousand followers on Facebook and with 10,600 followers on Instagram.

Additionally, their YouTube channel is striking with high quality music videos featuring professional contemporary dancers and tango experts.


El Cachivache Orkesta has visited more than 50 countries on three continents and performed more than 1000 shows.


Band members:

Vito Venturino: Rock and jazz guitarist and bassist and got attracted by Tango in the new millennium. He founded the band in 2008.

Andy Ferrari: Born in Buenos Aires in 1987, he was part of Orquesta Tipica Andariega and Sexteto Gato, joined the band in 2022. Music producer, Dj and piano player.

Adriano DeVita: Born in Buenos Aires in 1986. After passing through OT La Vidu and Sismico tango, he joined the band at the beginning of 2017.

Pasha Mendes: Born in Neuquen in 1983. He studied at SADEM and joined the band in 2014.

El Cachivache Orkesta Norway tour 2023


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May 30th–June 4th
Latin Dance & Music Academy
– 6 days of FREE workshops!

Kafésynk is a week of immersion in dance, music and stage production for young people aged 14–23.
Registration and the workshops are free.
  • 6 days
  • 7 different workshops
  • 10 instructors
  • 30 hours of workshops
  • Performance at Musikkfest

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