Kafésynk presents music from Latin America.

Kafésynk organizes concerts and produces music workshops for children, youth, and adults.

Do you play music from Latin America?

Kafésynk also hosts professional artists and bands from Norway and abroad.


Karoline Leon Nordby started this cultural activity consept in 2017 and has since created concerts with music from Latin America by professional performers.

A total of 17 concerts have been performed with well-known Norwegian artists such as Per Arne Glorvigen, Marit Sandvik, Ola Rokkones, Hanne Tveter, Sverre Indris Joner, Edgar Albitres, Patricia Morales, and Gustavo Tavares.

For 2020, artists such as Jimmy Bosch, Tromboranga Salsa Orchestras, El Cachivache, and Betsayada Machado were booked. These have now been postponed until it is possible to conduct concert activities with visiting artists.

Karoline Leon Nordby also wants to create positive music experiences for children and youngsters, and now has three new projects planned for summer and autumn 2021. These are:

  • “Cuenta Cuentos” – music and folklore storytelling for Spanish-speaking children aged 4–8 years.
  • Music workshop and concerts for young people aged 14–23, with various Latin American artists living in Norway.
  • Tour activities to Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. Cultural workshop and concerts for young people aged 12–25 with foreign artists.

These projects work closely with youth clubs and cultural institutions in Norway, such as the X-Ray Youth Culture House, Nordic Black Theater, Sagene District in Oslo, and Bergen International Cultural Center.

More organizations are welcome to participate.

Kafésynk’s projects are sponsored by, among others, the Arts Council Norway, Oslo Municipality, Sparebankstiftelsen, and Bergensenstiftelsen.


Kafésynk engages exclusive artists who have mastered the musical language in their elite. They share heartfelt knowledge and thoughts with us through interviews and music workshops.

Kafésynk wants to create a better world by bringing together people who use music and dance to teach people to become the best version of themselves while showing the rich musical flora of Latin American music.




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