El Cachivache Quinteto


Starts: 7:00 pm

Finishes: 9:00 pm

Location: Sentralen, Oslo, Norway

El Cachivache Quinteto is currently one of the most popular tango groups and is widely recognized on the world music circuit. Sometimes called ‘Tango Punk’, the group is characterized by its undeniably creative, original, and very “danceable” style.

Some call them “modern buffoons”, others describe the music as “communal flat groove”, and both are true. El Cachivache serves up its music in a vigorous manner with a good dose of humor, mixing up overdriven traditional tango music with a post punk look, which simultaneously frightens and attracts the tourists.

Witty song introductions emerged with the music, livening up already energetic performances. The band is very popular in its home city of Buenos Aires, playing around 90 concerts a year. The band was selected to perform at WOMEX19 official showcase In Tampere, Finland in October 2019.

They are presenting now their 7 Cd “Lujo y Fantasía” and coming to Oslo, Norway on their Europe tour this summer. They are also shooting a documentary road movie on tour while traveling.

Vito Venturino // guitar
Guitar & bass player for rock and jazz. Attracted to tango during the new millenium, founded the band in 2008.

Adriano De Vita // bandoneon
Born in 1986. Bandoneon player in OT La Vidu and Sismico as well, Adriano join the band in early 2017.

Achi Deuz // piano
Grew-up in a tangueros family, during the 90s starts to play his first tangos after passing through Blues and National Rock, that influenced his current repertoire.

Pacha Mendes// bass
Pacha was born in Neuquen, Patagonia in 1983. Coursed his studies at SADEM. Began playing with the band in 2014.

Nicolas Franco// violin
Nico was born in Rosario in 1976. He began to play violin very young. In the 90s was one of the founders of OT Fernandez Fierro. From 2016 is the violin player in El Cachivache.