Ensemble Wirakocha & Children Choir of Waldorf School

23. August, 2020

Starts: 18:00

Finishes: 21:00

Location: Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo, Norway


Do you know Latin American music that isn’t salsa, bachata, tango or reggaeton?
Have you heard of tondero, zamacueca, marinera, son de los diablos, cashua or buri buriti?
Ensemble Wirakocha brings you into the heart of the Spanish colony in its 18th century South America where Bishop Martinez de Compañon traveled across the entire Diocese of Trujillo, to report on the community, nature and culture for his Spanish king who ruled over Peru. The bishop collected 1411 watercolors and 20 manuscripts of Peruvian folk music to describe life in their area. This report would later become the oldest (and only) trace of the indigenous music of Peru at this time.
With the help of this unique repertoire, you will experience how the mythological worldview of the indigenous people mixes with the Western Christian icons such as Jesus,
Mary, but also the devil. You will see how people that time dressed and danced and how the pan flute and shaman drum met the violin, harp and guitar.
Never before has this repertoar been performed in its entirety in Norway! To make this happen we have brought guest guitarist Camilo Pajuelo from Peru, and as our very special guests: Steineskolens Jentekor!