Postponed Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra

9. January, 2021

Starts: 19:00

Finishes: 21:00

Location: Sentralen, Oslo, Norway


About Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra

Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra became number one in Latin radios and dance floors worldwide since their first album in 2012. As part of the new generation of independent Latin orchestras, Tromboranga is the pure essence of “Salsa Dura”. With influence from the salsa music of the 60s and 70s, they present a raw, strong and rhythmic sound image for the ear and the dance foot. With their four trombones, three percussionists, piano, bass and two on vocals, it’s no wonder they already got worldwide fans calling themselves “Salseros Tromborangueros”.

Musicians: Joaquín Arteaga, Diego Coppinger, Freddy Ramos, Rafael “Madagascar” Arciniegas, Lorenzo “El diablo” Barriendos, Vladimir Peña, Albert Costa, Miguel Moises, Oriol Martinez, Climent Campa.

About Jimmy Bosch

With 11 Grammys for his CD productions, and with more than 100 salsa and Latin Jazz recordings, Jimmy Bosch is an experienced band leader and exceptional performer in over 70 countries.He is popular among by a large audience for his impressive performance on stage, and his sound is well known in Latin Jazz and Salsa fans around the world.Jimmy Bosch is considered one of the founders of the salsa music we have today with Eddie Palmieri, Ray Baretto, Ruben Blades, Fania All Stars, Frankie Vasquez, etc.