Jimmy Bosch

Jimmy Bosch Latin Jazz trombonist Jimmy Bosch with 11 Grammy’s for his CD productions, and with more than 100 salsa and Latin Jazz recordings, he is an experienced bandleader and exceptional performer in over 70 countries. Jimmy Bosch is coveted by a large audience for his impressive performance on stage, and his sound is well known to Latin Jazz and Salsa fans around the world. Jimmy is a composer who writes from the heart, songs such as “Otra Oportunidad”, “Que Bonito es Soñar”, “La Noticia”, “El Avión de la Salsa”, “La Cacharra” “Ay Mamacita-Boogaloo” Bosch have worked together with Eddie Palmieri, Ruben Blades, Ray Barretto, Manny Oquendo y Libre, Machito, FANIA Allstars, Cachao and more. He has performed at salsa conventions, world music festivals, jazz festivals and clubs in Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, throughout Europe, North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, the United States and Australia. Jimmy Bosch is a charismatic performing musician on the top shelf and creates a strong connection with audiences around the world. His productions include over 49 original songs on 4 or more CDs1). Soneando Trombone 2). Salsa Dura 3). El Avión de la Salsa 4). A MILLION 5). Colores del Baile Latino / single 6). Ay Mamasita, Boogaloo / single 7). Palabras Volando / single 8). El Avión de Colada / single 9). Colada’s Milky Way / single mm