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Musicality discussion with Latin Jazz legend Jimmy Bosch

Join Kafésynk’s exclusive series of master classes. This is a 90-minute dialogue with Latin jazz trombonist, with 11 Grammy Awards, Jimmy Bosch, where he demonstrates and explains variations in salsa music.

The class is open to everyone, from beginner to advanced students of Latin music or dance.

Jimmy Bosch will perform with the Salsa Band Tromboranga at 7pm on Sentralen that evening.

Jimmy Bosch:

Jimmy Bosch Latin Jazz trombonist Jimmy Bosch with 11 Grammy’s for his CD productions, and with more than 100 salsa and Latin Jazz recordings, he is an experienced band leader and exceptional performer in over 70 countries. Jimmy Bosch is popular among by a large audience for his impressive performance on stage, and his sound is well known in Latin Jazz and Salsa fans around the world. Jimmy Bosch is considered one of the founders of the salsa music we have today with Eddie Palmieri, Ray Baretto, Ruben Blades, Fania All Stars, Frankie Vasquez, etc.

Master class content:

  • Listening to identify the changes in energy within a musical piece.
  • Identify by name the various sections in a musical piece.
  • Talk about instrumentation:
  • The role of each section or instrument
  • Learn some basic vocabulary: montuno, guajeo, tumbao, ritmo, swing, groove, clave, melodía, harmony, syncopation, pulse
  • 50/50 concept = listening to music/partner connection
  • Question and answer section.
  • Demonstration with trombone

All levels. All ages. Presale only.