The power of music in times of uncertainty

Dear Kafésynk audience,

Music has in many circumstances before shown us the power of drumming and song accompanied by instruments. Music ties people together, and strengthens and lifts hope in times of uncertainty. Looking back in the history of music, we can find good examples of this.

What am I talking about?

Afro Cuban music in Cuba. The New York Salsa Music. Tango music in Argentina. Carnival music in Bolivia. Baroque music in South America. To mention some. At Kafésynk you can learn more about the history of music cultures.

It seems that the music will always survive, regardless of resistance!

Like many others, Kafésynk will adapt to these new circumstances, posting live concerts, online master classes with Latin artists and making available documentaries on Latin American music.

This is to support CULTURE IN THE QUARANT TIME for the artists who now stand without the opportunity to maintain their income.

Click the link below for an optional contribution. All support goes back to the artists.

So far, all concerts are postponed until May. If you have already purchased a concert ticket, it will be valid for the new date for concerts that have been marked with a delay.

We hope the best and pray that the concert of El Cachivache Quinteto is still in place on June 21, 2020.

Best wishes

Karoline, manufacturer of Kafésynk