The Power of the Music

Uncertainty, desperation, change.

What am I talking about?

Afro Cuban music in Cuba. Salsa music in New York. Tango music in Argentina. Carnival music in Bolivia. Baroque music in South America. To mention some.

Music strengthens and lifts the hope of every individual in times of uncertainty.

Music gives us joy, or comfort when needed.

Music is primordial power.

Enchanting rhythmic drum beats. Harmony and synchronization. Layer upon layer of instruments in symphony. Voice use and singing in harmony.

Music brings people together into community. And new music is created.

If we look back in the history of music, we can find good examples of this.

At Kafésynk you can learn more about the history of music cultures.

Documentaries, recordings from concerts and some music workshops are now posted here. Enjoy yourselves!

Best wishes

Karoline, producer of Kafésynk