Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra! New date 9th of january!

Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra have become number one on Latin radios and dance floors worldwide, since their first album in 2012. As part of the new generation of independent latin orchestras, Tromboranga is the pure essence of “Salsa Dura”.

With influences from the salsa music of the 60s and 70s, maintaining a raw, they have a strong and very danceable sound. With its four trombones, three percussionists, piano, bass and two on vocals, it’s no wonder way they have already got worldwide followers who call themselves “Salseros Tromborangueros”.


Joaquín Arteaga, Diego Coppinger, Freddy Ramos, Rafael “Madagascar” Arciniegas, Lorenzo “El diablo” Barriendos, Vladimir Peña, Albert Costa, Miguel Moises, Oriol Martinez, Climent Campa.